Campton Manor

An author tries to investigate a decades old mystery and finds himself stuck in his own ghost story.

Trauma Therapy: Psychosis

Self-help guru Tobin Vance has been exiled to the UK, avoiding arrest from his US operations. Now, he’s secretly running more retreats, with the help of a new assistant Elizabeth, and his acolyte John.

The Red Tide Massacre

A female TV reporter investigating the red tide environmental disaster in Southwest Florida becomes the target of an unknown monster.

Obstacle Corpse

A teen out to prove herself to her dad stumbles into the world’s most terrifying obstacle course.

Chinese Speaking Vampires

A desperate actor becomes a vampire and uses his new powers to land a movie role and the girl, but then must choose between life and the undead.

Girls Guns and Blood

A Sexy Grindhouse/Action/Comedy where a little brothel in Texas gets robbed by a gang of thieves. The ladies are not going to take this laying down and track down the thieves and take them out one by one in both…